Can you say that a promotional campaign has been successful?

A campaign is successful when the goals set for it have been met. They must be formulated precisely, best in specific numerical values, even before we embark on our work. In the case of one product, 1000 sold pieces is a success, while in the case of another this marks a complete failure. Sometimes the goal is not the sales but, for example, entering a selected market. The goals may be highly differentiated: winning a prize in branch competition, proving a competitive advantage, or creation of the image of a specific person or business. Lack of clarity around the intentions that the commissioning party has for the promotion may result in agonising surprises. Sometimes the success of a promotional campaign exceeds the most daring expectations. Obviously this is a reason to enjoy but also a moment of critical reflection: did we not set our aspirations to low? If we had planned more daringly, would we not have managed to achieve much more?