Project Tuwim

Commissioned by the Instytut Książki / Book Institute for part of Julian Tuwim Year, Agencja Promocyjna OKO completed a project Tuwim: słowo-muzyka-taniec / Tuwim: word – music – dance, with participation of 20 musicians and vocalists, 40 dancers, and nine teachers. Resulting from the project, the new musical pieces based on the works of Julian Tuwim and composed by Joachim Mencel, were recorded in Radio Kraków’s Romana Bobrowska Studio. The choreography was the work of Anita Podkowa and Aleksander Kopański. The performance, being the product of the project, was presented twice to the full house on the Stanisław Wyspiański Stage of the clinical Drama Academy (PWST). The continuing interest in the production has stimulated plans for further concerts. Project website: Projekt Tuwim

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