OKO Public Relations was founded in 2000, in Krakow, by Iwona Haberny. Cultural events have had a significant place in the firm’s activities since the very beginning – organisation of events as well as their effective promotion. Currently our offer has been expanded to include marketing of medical services, new technology marketing and place marketing. On account of the nature of our activities, which demand particularly careful financial discipline, our firm has become specialised in the most effective, integrated marketing communication, making optimal use of activities in the area of PR and traditional advertising, as well as promotional activities on the internet. In response to the needs of our clients, in addition to work connected with promotion of events and products, we offer help in gaining partners and funding for advertising campaigns. We offer advice concerning taxes and legal issues connected with promotional activities (especially connected with copyright). We suggest how to reach a wider market with your business activities by creating an attractive product which will ultimately bring substantial financial profit to your firm. We specialise in organisation and promotion of cultural events and projects. In our times, every undertaking, regardless of its size or extent, requires promotional support. Most likely you do not even wonder anymore whether it is necessary to promote your activities. Your decision concerns, rather, the following question: what will be the most effective method – an advertising agency or a public relations employee ? If you choose an agency for promotion, why should it be OKO Public Relations??

Our agency’s work, in this case, consists not only in carrying out the promotional activities that it has been commissioned for, but has a significantly wider range. We help to develop and enrich the concept of the cultural project, in order to fulfil the necessary requirements for gaining the support of European programs. We help to interest sponsors and media patrons in your cultural project. We accompany the client through the realisation of every necessary task, overseeing all contracts and issues connected with copyright, finances and regulations concerning the safety of participants in the cultural event. And, finally, we help to settle accounts and to create a final summary of the cultural project.
Nowadays, many people associate the word “promotion” exclusively with special offers in supermarkets. In Polish dictionaries, the word appears in the context of promoting a student to a higher class, doctoral ceremonies at universities, and promotion to higher ranks in the army. In short, it signifies advancement and progress for the item that is promoted in relation to its original state. It is this understanding of the word that we have in mind when undertaking our work. Thus, we acknowledge that “promotion” is a well-thought-out sequence of diverse activities carried out with the help of specialised tools. These activities are intended to raise a person, a cultural project or a product to a “higher level.” The tools used in promotion – most likely in response to the needs of large corporations – have been delegated to specific firms: PR or advertising agencies. From our experience we have discovered that, particularly in the case of smaller firms, integrated activities are far more effective than divided activities. It allows them to optimize costs and to achieve the best effect possible. This is why we offer our clients a fully integrated, mutually complementary communications service that encompasses a full range of Public Relations and advertising, direct marketing and Internet activity. We also offer methods that enable evaluation of whether the promotional goal has been reached.
A PR Employee
  • he/she is very well-acquainted with the product, as well as with the operational principles and “spirit” of the firm
  • he/she is always immediately available and is able to quickly intervene
  • a competent, talented advertising specialist brings many benefits to the firmy
  • even though his/her services are expensive, he/she does not always have the same amount of work
  • he/she can be an excellent partner for an agency, which can give him/her support in critical moments

An Agency

  • already has well-beaten promotional paths, whereas an independent employee must struggle to use these same paths
  • is able to come up with new and innovative ideas due to its objective view from outside
  • has numerous contacts and extensive knowledge which enable it to reach the right people more quickly and make less costly errors
  • has knowledge of legal issues, taxes, etc., allowing for promotion that is in accordance with rules and regulations, ultimately avoiding potential problems
  • has the possibility of receiving discounts from sub-contractors which the client can benefit from
  • appears when it is necessary, and disappears during the slow season
  • hiring an agency is an excellent way to train one’s own employees

  • we have 13 years of experience
  • our promotional activities are effective – we have carried out many prestigious and demanding commissions
  • we cooperate with international institutions, helping them to achieve success in Poland
  • our headquarters are in Krakow – a city with a huge potential which we are able to take advantage of in order to satisfy our clients
  • we are capable of promoting a local event on a national level
  • we know how to work creatively with a low budget
  • we are able to operate according to standards that are required when public funds are used (from receipt of the money through the settlement of accounts)
  • we adapt to our client’s needs in a flexible way
  • we cooperate with the best, certified sub-contractors