Medycyna Praktyczna Publishing House

Medycyna Praktyczna is a scientific publishing house, and due to its specialisation, it reaches mostly the medical milieu. Yet our mission is not only to provide the latest know-how in medicine. Every year we run a number of projects we use to try to go beyond the borders of just a single domain. Unfortunately, we failed to promote them beyond just the medical world. In 2013, we invited the cooperation of the Agencja Promocyjna OKO. Then something we already stopped counting on became suddenly real, thanks to Iwona Haberny and her Agency. Throughout our annual ethical symposium, in which we touch upon the most burning problems affecting physicians in their medical practice, that is problems concerning patient care and operation of the healthcare system, as well as during the Przychodzi wena do lekarza / Inspiration Comes to the Doctor Professor Andrzej Szczeklik Literary Competition for Physicians, held every spring in Warsaw, our presence in the media never flagged. We made a live appearance in the morning programme Kawa czy herbata aired on Channel 1 of the Polish National Television (TVP1), we were present in Polish Radio Channel 3 of, in a one-hour-long Klub Trójki, in Polish Radio Channel 2, in a 30-minute-long Wybieram Dwójkę, and also on the RMF Classic national radio, Dziennik Polski local quality daily, Catholic Information Agency (KAI), Gość Niedzielny weekly, and the leading regional Radio Kraków. Before starting cooperation with the Agencja Promocyjna OKO, we have tried to manage the PR activities ourselves. There was a single goal: to turn the attention of a broader group of people to our projects, i.e. to reach selected national media with a specific message. Today we know that such an activity requires an expert of true high-class, open to the world and people, with a sense of humour, knowledge of the market and the media, and fantastic ideas that Iwona Haberny regularly brings to us.

Piotr Gajewski, MD
Editor-in-Chief of Medycyna Praktyczna monthly

Justyna Tomska
Editor, Head of Intellectual Property Rights Department, organiser of the Professor Andrzej Szczeklik Literary Competition